The world's first decentralized fan token
that anyone can own.

Liverpool Fans Tokens Made
by fans for fans.

Made to distribute to the people who love the Liverpool team

And people who like cryptocurrency Fans can express their favorite teams by possessing tokens instead of souvenirs or club clothes

Even fans who are far away do not have the opportunity to visit the club by themselves. Can possess this token as a reminder or to encourage yourself



This is our roadmap, now and in the future.
Important information and details that everyone should know.


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Fund management for the underprivileged and far away from prosperity Support for local football teams Giving away free tickets for watching live matches in Liverpool's key matches.

As a community made up of fans social responsibility extends Continuous integration in all aspects of charity Our Intangible and Intangible Offers and Uses In the case of moving forward to the charities we choose. It will keep evolving as we get more information.From the appropriate forum community, and The voting system will be implemented, the following charities will be part of the Long journey.

Liverpool Fan Token is a BEP20 token issued on the Binance Smart Chain with a total fixed supply of 99,578,900 LFC, The LFC Initial Token Liquidity pool hasbeen locked under Pancakeswap Certified Liquidity Locker DeFiLaunch ensures safety and security for the community. Our Community.



The fan token project kicked off in May 2021,
with 42 million LFC airdrops being distributed.

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  • Airdrop 2
  • Airdrop 3
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65% target raised
1 BNB = 100000 LFC
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We have successfully distributed all airdrops within 3 days,And 27,849
holders. We have received great feedback from the fans.

  • Airdrop round 1 17,000,000 LFC
  • Airdrop round 3 12,000,000 LFC
  • Airdrop round 2 13,000,000 LFC
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Everyone can connect to their own wallet to exchange tokens
through the Metamask and Trust wallet platforms.

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Storing tokens on Metamask and Trust wallets is very popular. Because it's easy to use, And supported on ios and android devices and most importantly High security

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We are ready to provide a better quality of life for all our fans.
Have fun together And Grow together.

About token

Our Mission

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LFC Token

In the future, people holding the LFC Token will be able to use the token to help others and society. It can be used to support poor children, disadvantaged children. Local football teams And the tokens can be used to vote for activities held by fans. Every activity will focus on fan engagement, helping to distribute tokens in the event. To give everyone the opportunity to hold their tokens all over the world.

Token Stats

Token Distribution

Total supply 100,000,000 LFC


We have distributed as many tokens as possible to the community, established a social contribution fund,

promoted the quality of life of fans, and set up a fund for local football teams. Including promoting future marketing activities

Symbol: LFC

Initial Value: 1 LFC = 0.000032 BNB

Type: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Token Address: 0x27A801ba58644D93A939daA506A56f95c351Eddc



Fan Ecosystem & Decentralization

Fan Ecosystem

Token Fans will bring Liverpool fans all over the world together. LFC tokens can be exchanged for each other instead of items. There is help each other

more easily through our platform. Establishment of a fund to help it. It is a huge ecosystem that we intend to do for our fans.



Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively, at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known.

The first fan token platform in the world without intermediaries or monopolies. We are a public decentralized platform that discloses holding information to people. By connecting a smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 network and having Liquidity Locked on the Pancakeswap platform, our fans are confident in the security of their tokens they hold.



Have questions? We’re happy to help.



99,578,900 LFC


25,489 Address


153,387 Transfer


18 Decimals